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VALVTECT® Marine Gasoline Additive (VMGA)

ValvTect® Marine Gasoline Additive is formulated to upgrade ethanol blended & conventional gasoline to ValvTect® Marine Gasoline. It is specially formulated to prevent ethanol fuel related problems by controlling moisture to prevent phase separation and maintain octane rating.

ValvTect® Marine Gasoline Additive helps gasoline powered engines operate at peak performance by keeping the engine & fuel system “super clean” & in “like new” condition, thus improving the engines octane performance. Continued use can reduce fuel consumption & lower harmful exhaust emissions. Product performance has been documented by ASTM, SAE & NACE corrosion tests with both ethanol & ethanol free grades of gasoline. Tested extensively in BMW, Honda, GM, Ford, Mercedes Benz, VW & Yamaha engines. Continuous use helps provide the following:


Features and Benefits

  • Prevents ethanol/gasoline related problems
  • Extra corrosion inhibitor to prevent rust & corrosion of fuel system. (A rated in NACE tests)
  • Disperses water to help safely remove it
  • Prevents phase separation with ethanol gasoline
  • Stabilizes fuel for long term storage
  • Extend the gasoline shelf life up to a year or more
  • Cleans up fuel injectors, intake valves, intake port & manifold deposits
  • Cleans up combustion chamber, & carburetor deposits
  • Prevents fuel filter plugging & extends filter life
  • Improves engine power & Performance
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Prevents octane number loss
  • Safe for all 2 cycle & 4 cycle gasoline engines
  • Eliminates the need for other fuel additives
  • Treat rate – 1 gallon to 3200 gallons