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In addition to all of our on-water services for members, Sea Tow and our team of expert captains provide multiple other services. We are expert small boat handlers and salvors with years of experience and a fleet of boats standing by. Don’t see what you are looking for below? Just give us a call.


Sea Tow can provide on-water assistance to non-members, but there is a charge for our services. Per hour charges from the time we leave our dock until the time we return to port range from $200 to $450 an hour. With the average call for assistance lasting 2.5 hours that could add up quickly. Additionally, our members get served first, so wait times for non-members may be quite long. Avoid having to pay out-of-pocket for routine on-water assistance – become a member today.

Salvage and Recovery

If your boat sinks at the dock, is on the rocks or is taking on water Sea Tow has the skill and equipment to recover your vessel. Learn more by clicking on the “Salvage and Recovery” tab above or give us a call.
Boats for Hire

With a fleet of boats standing by, Sea Tow is available to support you when needed. From providing security border patrols at local on-water events and fireworks displays to crew and equipment transport our boats and captains are available for hire.

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Dauphin Island Marina-Towing & Assistance

Dauphin Island Marina-Towing & Assistance