“Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for his life!”

CCA is not against ALL forms of catch share programs. In a purely commercial fishery, they can work. In a mixed-use fishery, they do not. Why? Because fisheries managers have based catch share allocations based upon “history.” History has nothing to do with whether the recreational angling public has the right to catch a recreational fish. It might in a purely commercial fishery, but not a mixed fishery. To date, fisheries managers in the Gulf region have refused to change this “history” model. They have refused to change measure the recreational catch in “pounds” instead of numbers of fish. They have refused to reallocate.

Why are we opposed to catch shares in these mixed use fisheries? Because it amounts to privatization of a public resource. Because fisheries managers fail to allocate adequately. I urge you to read CCA’s statement on it here http://news.joincca.org/caught-up-in-catch-shares-3/   Make sure you read the comments.


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